JAGA Directors are selected by the Member Clubs to serve as their representatives to the Jacksonville Area Golf Association and to provide close liaison between the Member Club and the JAGA Board of Directors.

In fulfilling these representative responsibilities all Directors are expected to:

  • Attend all monthly meetings to the greatest extent possible, regardless of where they are held.
  • Assist the Vice President – Administration or the Vice President – Tournaments in the scheduling of JAGA Meetings or Tournaments at their Member Club when their turn comes up in the rotation.
  • Serve as the host of the JAGA Meeting at their Club. This includes arranging for the meeting room, food, golf and so forth. In short, to do whatever is necessary to ensure a smooth, enjoyable meeting.
  • Act as the coordinator for the annual fund raising event at their Member Club.
    Volunteer their time, on a regular basis, to assist in the endeavors of JAGA as agreed upon by the entire Board. This would include assisting at JAGA Tournaments/Championships, fund raisers, or other activities involving JAGA Directors.
  • Each Director is expected to volunteer to assist at a minimum of one Championship or Tournament each year.
  • Be willing to serve, if asked, as an officer of JAGA.