In 2022, the Jacksonville Area Golf Association (JAGA) launched FRIENDS OF JAGA to elevate the organization’s impact, effectiveness and scholarship giving. With our first year’s success and costs still very much on the rise, JAGA is relaunching FRIENDS in 2023. As a JAGA tournament participant, a parent of one or someone who just supports and believes in the good things JAGA does for golf in Northeast Florida, we hope you will consider supporting FRIENDS OF JAGA.

You may do so either online or via the mail.

Campaign Focus

JAGA consists of two entities, JAGA Operations (a 501(c)(4)) and the JAGA Charitable Trust (a 501(c)(3)). The former conducts the general business affairs of JAGA (i.e., tournaments, meetings, annual banquet, general business, and administration, etc.) and has since 1954. The latter manages JAGA’s college scholarship program and has since 1974.

For years, the primary means of funding JAGA Operations has been entry fees and member club dues, which clearly limits the scope of things JAGA can do in terms of managing its affairs and having more impact on golf in Northeast Florida!

The focus of the JAGA fundraising campaign is to solicit funds for JAGA Operations. Funds raised will be used to meet the growing costs and demands associated with running a non-profit, to support and enhance the impact, look and capabilities of JAGA, and allow the organization to grow. At the end of the year, a portion of proceeds from the “Friends” program will be earmarked for JAGA’s scholarship program.

How Funds Will Be Put To Work

Fundraising monies will be used to support the following needs:

  1. Increase the JAGA operating budget
  2. Counteract rising costs in the areas of host club fees, website, insurance, legal and administrative functions
  3. Keep contestant costs down
  4. Invest in new branded materials to improve the presentation and professionalism of JAGA tournaments
  5. Underwrite BlueGolf tournament management platform fees and administrative costs
  6. Provide an additional source of income for JAGA’s scholarship program
  7. Build a reserve fund to protect the JAGA Operations’ unit and build for JAGA’s future

In summary, make JAGA a better organization!

JAGA Award Honorees

About JAGA

  • Established in 1954, JAGA is to local golf what the Florida State GA is to golf in Florida and the USGA is to golf in the U.S.
  • JAGA consists of two units – JAGA Operations, a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) corporation, and the JAGA Charitable Trust, a not-for-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. You would be supporting JAGA Operations.
  • JAGA Operations is comprised of approximately 40 member clubs/courses in Northeast Florida. It is an all-volunteer organization except for one part-time BlueGolf administrator.
  • The focus of JAGA Operations is to promote interest and participation in the game of golf on all levels, arrange competitions, promote fellowship, unity, interaction and continuity among its member clubs and area golfers, disseminate news, and support other area organizations that have similar interests through golf, as well as support the mission of the JAGA Charitable Trust.
  • JAGA Operations annually conducts and supports up to 12 tournaments, including six championship events and six others that feature team formats. It also co-sanctions/supports the annual “Celebration of Golf” banquet and the Underwood Cup, both in conjunction with the Northern Chapter of the North Florida PGA, and the First Coast Women’s Amateur.
  • Each member club is represented by up to six volunteer Directors, who interface with their home club on behalf of JAGA.
  • The JAGA Charitable Trust oversees a scholarship program that annually provides college funding for up to 35 area students. Since 1974, the program has generated approximately $2 million in financial aid for approximately 400 students. JAGA directors generate funds separately for the Trust via events they conduct at their clubs. It has also benefitted greatly over the years from foundation pledges/commitments.
The JAGA Family Championship
Class of 2023 Scholarship Recipients


The recommended donation to become a FRIEND OF JAGA is $100.

Donations of more than that – $250, $500, $1,000 or more – would certainly be welcomed. As will donations of less than $100. Everyone’s contribution, no matter what the level, has meaning!

Those who donate $100 or more will receive one premium “Coreline” personalized FRIEND OF JAGA Bag Tag for every $100 donated.


JAGA is a stable and professional organization that has impacted the golf scene in Northeast Florida for 70 years, but its limited resources hinder JAGA’s ability to grow, expand and have more impact on the Northeast Florida community it serves. With the help and support of members of the golf community, JAGA can achieve its goals and in turn provide rewards and benefits to its benefactors and others in the community. You have JAGA’s full faith and assurance that we will be good and honest stewards of your investment!


Thank you to our inaugural “Friends of JAGA.”
(Donors as of December 14, 2022)

Adams, Jeff
Alter, Tom
Anthony, David
Arnold, Jim
Barrow, Amy & Joe
Benton, Bryan
Blackston, Richard
Booma, Steve
Bork, Todd
Brocki, Sheila
Bronson, David
Budwick, Bob
Butler III, Duke
Caden, John
Caldabaugh, Tama
Carmines, Robert
Clark, Nicholas
Cobb, Stephen
Collins, Lori
Copeland, Arch
Deiboldt, Gregg
Dowell, Rufus
Eckles, Danny

Edwards. Jim
Fallen, Dennis
Gilmore, Donald
Gottschalk, Ray
Grant, Tom
Grippi, Joe
Halvorsen, George
Hardaker, Bill
Harris, Robert
Harrison, John
Hayt, John
Heist, David
Helton, Cary
Iley, Tim
Jacobsohn, Ben
Johnson, Bunky
Johnstone, Jeff
Kicklighter, Charlie
Lofton, Jim
Lunsford, Skip
McKenny, Mike
Milton, John
Moody, Ken

O’Haren, David
O’Leary, Bart
Pleiman, Thomas
Ponte Vedra Inn/Club
Redding, Justine
Roberts, Adair
Seely, Fred
Siebke, Jeff
Smith, Ron
Smith, Timothy
Staples, Rocky
Streightiff, Bob
Talcott, Bruce
Tancredi, John
Tancredi, Patricia
Tomlin, Tom
Trinder, Charles
Tucker, John
Walker, Billy
Wharton, Ryan
Willoughby, Jeff

A Message from JAGA

“Since its founding in 1954, JAGA has made significant contributions to the growth and promotion of golf while providing a great deal of financial assistance to hundreds of college-bound students in Northeast Florida. For the most part, this success has been achieved with limited solicitation appeals to Jacksonville-area businesses and individuals.

“The leadership of JAGA feels very strongly that the time is right to be proactive and do what most other golf and non- profit organizations do and that is grow their business and their impact by seeking new means of financial support. So, with 2022 upon us, JAGA is embarking on its first-ever fundraising campaign in support of its Operations’ arm. We are confident our outreach will be well received, and the campaign’s impact will be felt in positive ways throughout the golf community. Thank you for considering becoming a FRIEND OF JAGA.”