The Jacksonville Area Golf Association (JAGA) administers a scholarship fund (JAGA Charitable Trust) to assist worthy students associated with JAGA member clubs. The fund raises money from donations. The JAGA Charitable Trust is administered by the Scholarship Chairman:

Ken Hicks

849 Cloudberry Branch Way

St. Johns, FL, 32259


Who may apply
Students who are associated with a JAGA member club may apply if the following conditions are met:

  • Scholarship applicants must be a child or grandchild of a member of a JAGA member club.
  • Scholarship applicants may also be an employee, child or grandchild of an employee who is employed by a JAGA member club.
  • Assistant Golf Professionals upon satisfactory completion of Level One and Level Two may apply for financial assistance in attaining Level Three Certification.
  • The applicant must reside within the geographical boundary as defined by the location of the JAGA member clubs.
  • Each applicant must have a JAGA Director as a sponsor. The JAGA Director serving as a sponsor is the contact person for the student during the application process and while attending college.
  • Please note that a Club may submit  multiple applicants for scholarship consideration.
  • The committee can offer more scholarships per club if the number of total applications is below our maximum number of scholarships that are available that year.
    One applicant for an Assistant Golf Professional seeking Level 3 certification.
  • Applicants can also apply to accredited vocational schools for classes relating to a career in the golf industry. ( course management, club management, etc)
  • In order for a scholarship award to be renewed each semester, the student must meet certain qualification criteria, including a minimum grade point avera


JAGA Director Guidelines

JAGA Directors should use the following to determine a student candidate’s qualifications for financial assistance from the Trust. Each candidate must:

  • be associated with a JAGA member club.
  • Scholarship applicants must be a child or grandchild of a member of a JAGA member club, an employee, or a child or grandchild of an employee of a JAGA member club. Assistant
  • Golf Professionals may also apply for grants in attaining Level 3 Certification
  • have a true passion, love and respect for the game of golf.
  • have some aspiration to continue to be involved in the golf industry, i.e. as a player, golf administrator, golf promoter, golf course superintendent, golf machinery technician, or other
  • capacity of work within the golf industry.
  • reside within the geographical boundary as defined by the location of the JAGA member clubs.
  • have been accepted at a university or applicable vocational institution.
  • have average to above average grades.
  • have a financial need for assistance.
  • have a personality and composure to carry him or herself with respect and pride, knowing that he or she represents the JAGA Charitable Trust as one of its scholars.

Note: Preference will be given to applicants intending to work in the golf industry based on the JAGA scoring matrix criteria.

  • Sponsoring a Potential JAGA Scholar Sponsoring a JAGA Scholar applicant may be the most important action you will take as a JAGA Director short of serving on the Executive Board. Sponsorship begins long before you receive a request from a hopeful scholar.
  • One of the matrix scoring criteria is based on your clubs support of JAGA. To attain the maximum benefit for a scholarship applicant that you have submitted your club’s support of JAGA maybe shown by your posting of JAGA tournament information and entry forms in your Clubhouse. Encouraging participation in JAGA tournaments through your men’s and ladies golf associations and golf committees, playing in the tournaments for which you qualify and volunteering to work those tournaments which you cannot play. You also need to involve your Pro shop in the scholarship program so when they receive inquires they will have the club directors names and telephone numbers readily available. Finally, and probably most importantly, to maximize your applicants chance of receiving a scholarship you need to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. This can be done in a number of ways.
  • You can run a tournament through the Men’s Golf Association of the club with a portion to the entry money going to the JAGA Scholarship Fund.
  • A 50-50 drawing at the tournament is painless and productive.You can use the club’s billing system to solicit donations of $10, $15, $20 or more being added to the member’s bill with an option to not pay or contribute more if desired. Most people will pay. At the same time that you bill the members you should include a newsletter in the bill explaining the JAGA Scholarship system, identifying the club’s JAGA Directors and contact information, and perhaps some information on previous and present JAGA Scholars from the club.

You have now laid the ground work. You are requested by a student, his parents, grandparents or sometimes an interested friend to sponsor a young person for a JAGA Scholarship. The following guidelines will be helpful in successfully sponsoring a scholarship applicant:

Action Date- January/February:  Remember the parents, grandparents or whoever are not requesting a scholarship – the student or Assistant Golf Professional is and you need to get to know the applicant. Arrange a meeting with the applicant at the club or some other quiet location where you can explain the submission process, time schedule, answer any questions and get to know the applicant’s goals and dreams; where he or she has been and where they hope to go. This meeting is critical and may result in a decision to not sponsor the applicant.

Action Date – January/February:  Provide the applicant with the application forms. The applicant may complete and print his or her Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online and after filing they will receive the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) form which must be submitted with the application.
Action Date – February/March: Have your applicant send his or her final package to you for review. Advise the applicant to submit their diploma directly to the Scholarship Chairman (see address above) when available.

Action Date – March 31st:
If the package reflects an applicant with the high standards we have set for our scholars, sign the application, prepare a letter of recommendation and forward the package to the Scholarship Chairman. If using the U.S. Postal Service it is recommended that you require a receipt signature. Make two copies of the complete final application package, one for the applicant and one for your files. All applications are due no later than March 31st; no exceptions. Directors: Please obtain the current scholarship application forms by clicking on Scholarship Forms in the right sidebar above  or by going to the Documents heading of the website. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Ken Hicks at 904-230-2624 or  A completed Scholarship Application Package consists of:

  • Application for JAGA Charitable Trust Scholarship
  • Family Background form
  • Release of Information Authorization
  • High School Transcripts (up to application date)
  • High School Diploma (when available)
  • Letter of Acceptance from the applicable university
  • Letter of Recommendation from the applicable JAGA Director
  • Letter requesting a JAGA Scholarship prepared by the applicant
  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC) obtained after completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Action Date – April 30th: The Scholarship Chairman will notify to the appropriate Directors on the results of their applicants. For students who have been awarded a JAGA scholarship a packet will be sent to the Director to be delivered to the students for their signature.