There is said to be a large plaque at the USGA that states, “Golf is a game of integrity, honesty and played with great sportsmanship”. The first two are a given but the third can sometimes be tainted by our temper and anger on the course and MAY require penalty or removal from the course.

Regarding etiquette/course behavior: any breach deemed to be serious by the JAGA Committee or a repeated etiquette breach may result in disqualification under Rule 33-7.

An etiquette breach may include but is not limited to the following:

Abusive or inappropriate language
Disrespect shown to tournament officials, volunteers or fellow competitors
Throwing of clubs
Mistreatment of the golf course in any way
Repeated failure to rake bunkers or replace/sand divots
Failure to abide by host club golf cart rules
Improper or distracting use of a cell phone
mproper behavior due to use of alcohol

Generally, the player will be given a warning if one of these abuses is reported to or observed by the Committee. A second reported or observed offense will result in disqualification.

A serious breach may include but not be limited to the following: any damage to the golf course, course facilities or course equipment that is deemed to be serious by the Committee will result in immediate disqualification.

July 31, 2017