The Jacksonville Area Golf Association, Inc. (JAGA) was organized in 1954. It is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation that maintains a charitable focus designed to: (a) promote amateur golf and (b) through the JAGA Charitable Trust, Inc. (Trust), provide scholarships to assist worthy students to attend college and to also provide financial assistance to Assistant Golf Professionals (PGA) to advance their Certification status beyond Levels One and Two.

JAGA established the JAGA Charitable Trust, Inc., under a “Declaration of Trust” dated May 1, 1974. The initial contribution to the Trust was $150.00 from JAGA’s general fund. On September 23, 1974, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved the organization’s application for designation as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. The Trust is administered by trustees selected and appointed by JAGA’s Executive Committee.

Since its inception in 1974, the scholarship program has grown through contributions that have enabled over 300 scholarships to be awarded to deserving college students totaling over $1,800,000. The initial award of $250 per term has grown to $1,000 per term for up to eight (8) terms of undergraduate study.

With the continued support and encouragement of our JAGA member organizations and contributors to the scholarship fund, JAGA and the Trust look forward to continuing to provide meaningful scholarship awards to worthy students for their college education.

Contributions to the JAGA Charitable Trust, Inc.

Contributions to the Trust by Member organizations are generally made at regularly scheduled monthly JAGA director meetings.The contribution checks should be made payable to the JAGA Charitable Trust, Inc.

If the donor does not need or request to receive a tax-deductible receipt, the donor (member organization or other donor) would then make the contribution check payable directly to JAGA. The donor contributions that are made payable to JAGA will be deposited, accumulated, and on an established time schedule then be contributed over to the Trust. JAGA understands that Member organization contributions it receives are intended by the donor(s) to be contributed to the Trust.

Access to the Community Foundation for Northeast Florida Fund Assets
Support Payment of Scholarship Award Recipient’s College Costs

The Community Foundation owns and manages three trust funds that have been designated to offer grant money to JAGA Scholars.

One of the Trust Funds is the JAGA Charitable Trust Endowment that was established on March 31, 2014. The Community Foundation provides grant monies each year from the three trust funds based on a percentage (%) of each fund’s value as defined in the Foundation’s “Spending Policy” guidelines that are in place at that time. The Foundation’s “Spending Policy” is designed to protect the principal value of the funds and to help the value grow over time.

The JAGA Charitable Trust provides the names of the scholarship award recipients and their colleges to the Community Foundation which then pays the grant money directly to the colleges for deposit into the JAGA Scholar’s account.

In addition, the JAGA Charitable Trust has cash assets that it directly owns and manages. The Foundation has no access or control over those funds. The funds can be accessed and employed by the Trust to directly pay colleges for costs incurred by students who are scholarship award recipients.

Scholarship Award Application and Approval Process

The JAGA Charitable Trust, Inc. (Trust) is responsible to oversee all aspects of the administration of the scholarship award program to include:

The scholarship application process.

Setting the date when applications need to be received.

Receiving and reviewing the student applications to determine their acceptability; making sure all required documents are in order.

Establishing a review process where applications are evaluated and decisions made to determine the applications that are approved and denied. Notifying students     that have had their applications either approved and denied.

Follow-up with how students are performing at their respective schools to determine whether they are meeting their ongoing requirements to continue to remain in the program.

Periodically communicate with students and their member club scholarship sponsors on the progress and grades the students are achieving in their studies.

In order for a scholarship award to be renewed each semester, the student must meet certain qualification criteria, including a minimum grade point average.

Arrange for the payment of college costs and expenses that students are entitled to receive as scholarship award recipients.


Prepared by: JAGA Charitable Trust, Inc.

Date: March 11, 2021