At the December 14th Directors Meeting at Deerwood, JAGA elected its 2022 officers.

The 2022 JAGA officers are

(left to right):

Jeff Johnstone – co-VP/Tournaments
Vincent Celestino – Secretary
Billy Walker – Treasurer
Jeff Adams – President
Gregg Deiboldt – co-VP/Tournaments
John Tancredi – VP-Administration

2022 JAGA Officers

Jeff Adams


904-607-6142 (M)

John Tancredi

VP – Administration

913-908-7116 (M)

Jeff Johnstone

co-VP / Tournaments

404-867-5385 (M)

Vincent Celestino


904-629-8631 (M)

Billy Walker


904-591-6386 (M)

Gregg Deiboldt

co-VP / Tournaments

904-566-5425 (M)

Leadership Positions

Fred Seely, At Large member
Executive Committee

904-465-6065 (M)

Barney Poston, Executive Secretary
Executive Committee

904-210-7659 (M)

Arch Copeland, Webmaster

904-234-7519 (M)

Jack Morehead, Assistant Treasurer

904-262-0934 (H)

Jennifer Borocz, BlueGolf Administrator

651-329-6364 (M)

Randy Nader, Immediate Past President

904-237-1870 M