JAGA 101

Simply put, JAGA is to golf in Northeast Florida what the Florida State Golf Association
(FSGA) is to golf in Florida and the United States Golf Association (USGA) is to golf in the
United States.

• What is JAGA’s role?
@ Promote local golf
@ Conduct local tournaments and support select others
@ Clearinghouse for information, including scheduling
@ Board meet at least 8 times a year to bring clubs together
@ Maintain a scholarship program for college students (since 1974) and an apprentice pro
seeking certification as a PGA of America member.
@ Interface with other area golf organizations
@ Co-sponsor and host annual Celebration of Golf banquet

• What is JAGA’s history?
@ Established in 1954
@ Scholarship program launched in 1974
@ Oldest continuously played events are JAGA Senior Amateur (1958) and JAGA
Jacksonville Amateur (1962)

• What is a JAGA “member”?
Any organization which is approved for membership by the Executive Committee and which is
current with its annual dues. People/individuals are not “members.” Currently there are 40
JAGA member clubs.

• What is a JAGA “director”?
A person who is appointed by a member organization to represent its interests. Each
organization may appoint up to four directors. JAGA currently has about 100 directors.

• What is the JAGA “board”?
The directors and JAGA past presidents, who meet eight times annually to conduct the
association’s business. Voting is by members, with each member organization having one

• What is the JAGA Executive Committee?
The committee meets a few times annually to discuss matters relating to JAGA and develops
recommendations for the Board on overall policy. It is comprised of the officers, several
committee chairs, and recent past presidents. It also selects the annual awards.

• Who elects the officers?
A nominating committee of the current president and the immediate two past presidents
presents a slate to the Board annually. Annual elections are conducted at the December

• What are a director’s responsibilities?
@ Represent his/her club on the Board
@ Disseminate JAGA information to his/her organization’s membership
@ Share home club information with others (announce at board meetings, submit to North
Florida Golf News, etc.)
@ Serve as club’s contact for scholarship nominees

• How can a director participate in JAGA activities?
@ Attend as many Board meetings as possible
@ Volunteer at events
@ Promote JAGA tournament activities within home club (display posters, word of mouth,
@ Fundraise for scholarships and operational activities
@ Serve on committees
-JAGA Updated:   Feb. 13, 2021