The Jacksonville Area Golf Association (JAGA) administers a scholarship fund (JAGA
Charitable Trust) to assist worthy students associated with JAGA member organizations that are defined as golf-oriented organizations located in NE Florida. The JAGA Charitable Trust’s Scholarship Program is administered by the Scholarship Chairman:
Joseph Grippi
8165 Woodpecker Trail
Jacksonville Florida, 32256
Who may apply
Students who are associated with a JAGA member organization may apply if the following conditions are met:

Scholarship applicants must be a member, or the child or grandchild of a member who belongs to a JAGA member organization.
Scholarship applicants may also be an employee, child or grandchild of an employee who is employed by a JAGA member organization.
Assistant Golf Professionals that are employed by JAGA member organizations after satisfactory completion of Level One and Level Two may apply for financial assistance in attaining Level Three Certification.
The applicant must reside within the geographical boundary as defined by the location of the JAGA member organizations.
An applicant may be a graduating high school senior, who has received an acceptance letter from college/university, or an existing undergraduate in a college/university who is working toward their bachelor degree.
Each applicant must have a JAGA Director as a sponsor. The JAGA Director serving as a sponsor is the contact person for the student during the application process.
Applicants can also apply to accredited vocational schools for classes relating to a career in the golf industry. (Course Management, Club Management, etc.)

The scholarship program is designed for undergraduate students and provides financial assistance for a maximum of eight semesters or until the student receives his undergraduate degree, whichever comes first. The steps in the submission process listed below are suggested time frames with the exception of the FIRM deadline of March 31st.

Action Date – January/February 15th: Meet with one of the Directors of your JAGA
organization. The director can explain the submission process, time schedule, and answer any questions. At which time the Directors may select their candidates to apply for the JAGA scholarship program.
Action Date – January/February 15th: The Director can provide the applicant with the application forms or they can be accessed on the JAGA website ( The applicant should complete his or her Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online and, after filing, they will receive the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) form which must be submitted with the application package.
Action Date –March 1st: Meet with your Director for a final review of your application
package prior to the application package being sent to the Scholarship Chairman (see address above). The high school diploma must be sent directly to the Scholarship Chairman (see address above) when available.
Action Date – March 31st: If the application package is sent via U.S. Postal Service to the Scholarship Chairman it is recommended that you require a receipt signature. Make two copies of the complete final application package, one for the applicant and one for your JAGA Director. All applications must be received by March 31st; no exceptions. Please obtain the current scholarship application forms by going to the Scholarship Forms under the Scholarship heading of the JAGA website. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Joseph Grippi
at 904-608-3734 or

A completed Scholarship Application Package consists of:
• Application for JAGA Charitable Trust Scholarship
• Signed copy of Requirements for Scholarship Grants
• Family Background form
• Release of Information Authorization
• High School Transcripts (up to application date)
• High School Diploma (when available)
• Letter of Acceptance from the applicable university
• Letter of Recommendation from the applicable JAGA Director
• Letter requesting a JAGA Scholarship prepared by the applicant
• First page only of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) obtained after
completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Action Date – April: The first week of April the Scholarship Chairman will contact all of
the applicants to schedule interviews with JAGA Scholarship Trustees. The interviews normally last about 15 minutes and will be scheduled over one or two days.

Finally, the Scholarship Chairman will send an acceptance package to those students who have been awarded a JAGA scholarship, with a copy to the appropriate director. Applicants who are not awarded a scholarship will receive a letter, with a copy to
the appropriate Director, from the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee notifying them of our decision.